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The West Michigan Jazz Society Presents THE JAZZ SERIES

The West Michigan Jazz Society and Pioneer Construction are pleased to announce a new and exciting Jazz series coming to West Michigan this fall. The WMJS will continue to provide all of the jazz and events you all have come to know and love, but with the addition of new, exciting opportunities for jazz listening. We are now offering three different series, each with its own distinct style. All performances will be held here at the New Vintage Place.

Blue Series
The Blue Series will consist primarily of instrumental and modern vocal jazz, classic and contemporary interpretations of jazz standards, as well as original music consistent with the genre. This series will give musicians and audiences a chance to explore modern interpretations of post-50s contemporary jazz.

Green Series
The Green Series will involve contemporary instrumental jazz, often referred to as “Smooth Jazz”. This series will bring in a different crowd of musicians to play upbeat and upscale contemporary rhythms and melodies in a way that combines contemporary jazz with jazz fusion.

Red Series
The Red Series is reserved for experimental jazz. It is intended to provide musicians and audiences a venue for expression and appreciation of original and untested jazz concepts, in the spirit of what Miles Davis and John Coltrane did for jazz in the early 60s.

2015/16 Performance Schedule:

  October 13 Organissimo

  October 27 Phil Denny

  November 10 Mind’s Eye

  November 17 Lin Rountree

  December 1 Terry Lower

  December 15 Grupo Aye

  January 12 John Gist

  January 26 Edye Evans Hyde

  February 9 Chris Lawrence

  February 23 Ed Stone


7:00 - 8:00 PM | Cocktail Reception
8:00 - 10:00 PM | Chicago Style Listening Room

  For more information regarding the Jazz Series and the West Michigan Jazz Society, please visit